17th C. Portuguese embroidery
A fragment of 18th C. English embriodery
18th C. English silk embroidery
A pair of 18th C. French embroideries
17th Century Italian faux panelling
A late 17th C. Italian embriodery
19th C. Greek embroidery SOLD
Item Sold
Item sold
18th C. Chenille embroideries
17th C. Italian embroidery
17th C. Spanish embroidery
18th C. Italian picture
18th century French silk
19th C. French silk brocade
A panel of Opus Anglicanum
18th C. hand painted calico Coromandel coast
18th C. Japanese Fukusa
18th century seatcover
Indonesian batik
18th C. Felt work picture
19th C. Fukusa
19th century embroidery
A pair of peacock painted textiles SOLD
Textile designed by Helen Jennings
18th C. embroidered apron
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